Shatter Kidney Stones

Shatter Kidney Stones,- Basically, a kidney stone that was little will come out by itself along with urine. However, if the mass of the stone was already too large needed special assistance, ranging from giving the medications to action operation. Fortunately, the world of medicine today is already quite advanced and one Kidney stone treatment options more and more. In General, there are several methods to destroy kidney stones that are widely used by doctors
  • Administering medications. Only effective for kidney stones that are still small – less than 5 mm. Obat Batu Ginjal to destroy the rock formations already formed or to eliminate potential substances forming kidney stones. Different types of kidney stones require different types of drugs anyway. The stone was destroyed and then dissolves along with urine.
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL). This action is usually done when the stone is already measuring 5 mm – 1 cm, or too large to be destroyed by drugs. This method of using sound waves (shock wave) to destroy kidney stones from outside the body. "Pretty common ESWL, let alone the procedure relatively quickly," said Dr. Stump.
  • Ureterorenoscopy. If a kidney stone in the urinary tract pelvic bone so clouded by method of ESWL is not possible. The process is to put the small hose and lengths (ureteroscope) through holes pissing into a channel where a kidney stone lodged. Stone then be moved with help other tools or destroyed with laser.
  • Surgeon. Only done if stones are very large sized (over 1 cm) or if there is abnormal renal anatomy.

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